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Help - Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

The center of all purchases where you can add and remove different items ready for purchase. Below is an example of different types of items in the shopping cart.

Combining Items to Checkout.

You may want to combine multiple items into one payment so that there is only one transaction record, rather than pay for each item separately.
To combine just tick the boxes on the desired items or you can click Check All link to tick all of the items, otherwise Uncheck All to remove all the ticks. Click Proceed to progress to payment.

Removing item(s) in the Shopping Cart.

To remove an item, just click on the x mark on the desired item to be removed or click Remove All link to remove all items in the shopping cart. Please take note that once an item has been removed from the Shopping Cart it can not be retrieved again.

Reviewing an Item.

To review an item just click on the desired line item's Type column.

Saving a Cart.

If you do not want to make payment immediately, you can save the items in your cart to come back at a later time to complete payment.

When you click the Save Cart link you will be given a Reference Number, you need to take note of this Reference Number in order to retrieve the cart items later.
The Save Cart button is only available to Guest users - if you are logged in the shopping cart will automatically remember your cart items under your logged in account.

Note: Saved Shopping Cart items will only remain for 72 hours, otherwise they will expire when closing the browser.

Retrieving a Saved Cart.

To retrieve a saved shopping cart, you will need to enter the Reference Number that was generated when you saved your items and click Search.
Note : Paid or deleted items in a saved cart (before and after you saved it) will not be retrieved.